Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

LOTR Return of The King commemorative stamps...

Was just cleaning out my closet the other day and stumbled upon this long lost piece of LOTR history. So totally forgotten I had this!

LOTR stamps_front page

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One of my former officemate went over to New Zealand during the heydays of the LOTR movies and got me this set of commemorative stamps from the Return of The King saga (that's the 3rd instalment of the Trilogy for those who lived under a rock all this while!)

LOTR stamps_back page

Of course I would be mad if I decide to actually use these stamps for something else.....they just look too pretty to be removed from the excellent folders!

LOTR stamps_inside flap

These represent my favourite from the lot!

LOTR stamps_03

Real piece of art these stamps! I wonder how the other two (from the 'Fellowship & 'Two Towers stamp books) look like....

LOTR stamps_02

Ahhh, makes me wanna whip out my LOTR Extended Trilogy DVDs and re-watch the whole 9 hours of glorified Middle Earth goodness all over again!

LOTR stamps_03

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