Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eaglemoss o' Eaglemoss!

DC Eaglemoss collection @ April 2011
Many months ago when us Malaysian collectors were delightfully presented with the chance to collect the excellent DC figurines from the Eaglemoss line, I said to myself that I'd probably collect the very first figurines just for the fun of it, since I'm actually really looking forward to collect Marvel Eaglemoss figurines. Then, I took an about turn and decided to collect those within the JLA. It was not long after that I decided to collect those Bat-related characters too albeit selectively. Truthfully, I've only missed several releases from the line thus far, notably the two 'oversized' figurines i.e. Doomsday and Kilowogg only because they were priced way higher than the normal Eaglemoss figurines (I'd rather spend the cash on other 'more-articulated' figures such as on my beloved MOTU Classics line!).

I've purposely missed figurine #9 from the DC Eaglemoss line, Ra's al-Ghul, simply because the image of a middle-aged male wearing a normal-lookin' office slacks coupled with a fancy-lookin' green mystical shirt didn't really interest me and was just *meh* in my opinion, no matter how significant he's proclaimed to be amongst the Dark Knight purists. Recently I've also decided to pass on #15, Captain Marvel aka Shazam, due to the fact that he's too cartoony-looking! Aren't these miniature statues supposed to be realistic? I mean, come on....if I'd wanted a cartoony looking figurine, I might as well buy a figure off the Justice League Unlimited line. But I might just buy him just for the sake of completing my extended JLA lineup.....we'll see if I have a change of heart in the next couple o' days....*heh*.

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Aries0083 said...

The only problem I have with these are the faces. And the price. Here in the US the average one will be $12.00.

I was gonna get Beta Ray Bill, because he has a horse head. But when I went back the store was sold out.

I want to buy one just to try it out.

amuro said...

wah, dah byk DC eaglemoss skang!
tampak menarik bila disusun rapi!

actually bg aku pon tak semua DC figurine ni cun, depends la.
memula dulu mcm teracun gak tp sbb aku jenis kolek figure yg ada articulation (dan aku masih kolek DCUC dan some DCD) so aku skip la.

eh yg marvel eaglemoss kau takde ke?
aku tau yg byk jual skang DC je.

desmond said...

Bro, nice display case with colourful figurines :)

BahirY said...

Hey Rebel! Where did you get display case.? Ive got close to 40 pieces now and ive been thinking of trying to find a display case to showcase em. Im also from Malaysia. :)

The Rebel said...

Hey BahirY....thks fr stopping by.

You can get these display cases from DAISO.

Faries Adnan said...

Hi rebel, im also collecting the eaglemoss dc, but the problem is the case. I try find the case at daiso but the figure doesn’t fit in. Can u give me the dimension of the case u using. Because the figure is starting to get dust on it. Realy appreciat the help.