Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Finally snagged that Star Wars AT-AT!!!!

2010 AT-AT

For those Star Wars fans living in Malaysia who's yet to get yerselves the excellent 2010 AT-AT, you might wanna know that TRU has began selling these behemoths at RM299 (approx USD99). Yeah I know that Target/Walmart have been selling them for 70-80 bucks ever since but since us 'unlucky' collectors don't get to see either stores here in Malaysia, I guess 99 bucks is as lucky as we're ever gonna get. I doubt that Hasbro's gonna mark it further down. RM299 is already 40% off the RRP when it was first launched almost a year ago. What boggles me is that only certain TRU had these special-priced AT-ATs. I noticed that some TRUs even maintained the original RM499 price tags when their sister outlets have marked the toy down to RM299. Inconsistency sucks!

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2010 AT-AT

Anyway, as expected, the packaging's pretty terrible. If you're able to look beyond that then I guess it's a good deal for those who had been waiting for that 'miracle' to happen! 

2010 AT-AT

The side of the boxes are even worse. This box is definitely a victim of those 'caring' TRU staff. My wife and I made sure that every single piece of the contents inside was accounted for and that none were missing. Really hate to come back again to get replacements...the hassle!

Once home, my son and I had a field day assembling the toy and deciding who would be the crew manning this gargantuan beast!

AT-AT cockpit

AT-AT crew manning their station

My verdict: There couldn't be a more better time to get yourself the AT-AT. I've read somewhere in a forum that collectors are starting to notice the price reduction and those Malaysian collectors who weren't willing to fork out that RM0.5K last year are beginning snap these off the TRU shelves! I'm not entirely sure whether these reduced-priced AT-ATs will eventually appear in other retails stores. They may or may not appear.....but you're not gonna wait and gamble now, do ya? So move people!

In case you've missed the excellent coverage done on the AT-AT by our guest reviewer, the_ridz, here is the link again.

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Little Plastic Man said...

Damn...thats cheap!
This AT-AT is a beauty!

The Rebel said...

Yeah Adrian....lucky I guess. Surely every SW collector in town's gonna scramble for this baby now that it's been marked down! How much did u pay for it last year Adrian? Has it been marked down too down under at your place I wonder?

cowboy75 said...

Dammm cheap!! Last time i bought for RM 400....lucky u

Armand said...

Nice score my man! I was toying with the idea of making a side table out of an AT-AT last night with my friend but was grumbling about the frigging price tag.

But now I can actually make one since its cheap! Hahahaha!

desmond said...

Yes bro, this is worth buying!!