Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Quick review: Thundercats 2011!

Friday, 29th July '11 marked the day when fans were finally treated with the pilot episode of the new 2011 Thundercats series. Gosh, how long has it been since the heydays of the classic 80s cartoon days? It's nice to see that those much beloved 80s classic cartoon series are getting the royal treatment they so deserved, thus enabling them to be introduced to a brand new generation of fans.

Unfortunately, we Malaysian fans were not so privileged to watch the pilot episode at the same time as our compatriots in the States. If ya ask me, 15 years ago I might have been pretty stressed out for missing out on possibly one of the coolest cartoon series of the new millennium but nowadays we gotta thank the wonders of Youtube for making things possible for us!

My honest opinion? These new 'Cats look more like Japanese anime cartoon characters. Upon second glance, the 'Cats even look like elves! Make no mistake, this new 2011 'Cats series is a reboot and NOT a remake of the 80s series.Good thing about the 'reboot' version is that we won't be linking the old series to this new one, so let's leave the 80s series as it is.

I for one, am very disappointed to learn that Snarf can't talk as opposed to his very cheery/worry self from the 80s cartoon series. Ironically, these new 'Cats fear technology (blasphemy?) in contrast to the 80s series where the show often saw the 'Cats lead by Panthro consistently use 'technology' to defeat them bad guys.

Before I end my super-quick assessment of the new 'Cats series, here's an interesting trivia for 'ya......King Claudus' (that's the king & Lion-O's daddy from the new series) voice actor is Larry Kenney, the SAME voice actor who voiced Lion-O, Jackalman & Snarf in the classic 80s series! Bring on more episodes!

That's it from me today......Thunder, thunder, thundercats......HOOOOO!!!!

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