Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

El purchaso - end Aug '11.....

El purchaso 0811

First of all, let me just wish my dear Muslim readers a very happy Eid Mubarak! May the blessings of Ramadhan shine upon you. It's been some time since I've posted a group picture of my recent 'geek-loot'. For the past 5 months or so (last 'loot' pic was way back in March '11 me thinks?) I have either been too tied up with things or I've simply....forgotten to do so. Most days it's reason #2....lol.

Ok, what do I have here?


Hondo Ohnaka - a Star Wars Clone Wars character. This pirate was a highly sought after figure since it was shortpacked aka only one-per-case when it was first released in the 'Legacy" wave sometime in 2010. Glad to know that Hasbro has decided to re-release him in a much higher quantity this year. Essential character to those into the Clone Wars cartoon series.

Savage Opress - What can I say? Probably one of the most anticipated character from Season 3 of the Clone  Wars cartoon series. Also shortpacked hence was very hard to find at retail and the swift actions of scalpers made the hunt for this figure even worse. I'm lucky that a specialty toy store brought these in droves (eat your heart out scalpers!). If ya dig Darth Maul, then Mr Opress here won't disappoint you! For those who haven't watched Season 3 of the CW series (let alone the entire CW series for that matter), I highly recommend you to do so....and watch how Savage Opress' character developed to become that dreaded Sith apprentice.

Seripas - Yet another SW Clone Wars character to have made it into my list of loot this month. Seripas here is bounty hunter no. 2 from a suave '4-member team' of hired guns ensemble tasked to protect a village from the attack of weequay pirates led by Hondo Ohnaka. Absolutely love the character design. Another hard-to-find figure....an absolute MUST if you intend to complete that bounty hunter team from the Season 2 episode.

The Search for Luke Skywalker set - I never had a tauntaun figure before, so naturally I went nuts about this box set! One cool thing is that the belly of the tauntaun is purportedly similar to the 'open belly' version of yesteryear! I haven't seen or read any reviews that specifically mentioned this as yet. I do see however, an opening at the bottom of the tauntaun......I still haven't got the time to open the set yet to confirm the 'open belly' feature.

Captain America: Movie Series - Seriously, I intended to get movie Cap here together with the 'Sam Jackson' Nick Fury figure....but alas my toy pusher ran out of ol' Sam and I 'd only be able to get it sometime over the next couple of days. For the record, these figures have slowly faded away from the TRU stores around town. My guess is those darn scalpers have got their ugly mittens all over these two figures.....and your best bet to get these is through eVilbay. When 'Movie Thor' and the rest of the 'Movie Avengers' figures come out next year, you'd definitely want to find these two to complete your lineup! 

Man-E-Faces - Again, I was supposed to pick up 'Manny' here with Queen Marlena but my regular MOTU pusher ran out of stock of Randor's queen....*bummer*. Guess I'd have to wait a bit longer to complete my 'Eternian Royal family' lineup. Anyone who's been following my humble blog will be able to tell that I'm kinda of a hardcore MOTU Classics collector. So naturally when Man-E-Faces made its way into Malaysia (aka into my toy pusher's stockpile) I just had to have him.

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desmond said...

Bro, so many good stuff you bought :)

The Rebel said...

Thanks Des....small haul if compared to ur 1/6 haul! =)