Great Scott! Self-lacing sneakers anybody?

The BTTF trilogies rock! They had that massive impact on me when I was a kid, just as important as the classic Star Wars holy trilogy too. These new kicks aka NIKE MAG are going to be auctioned off on eBay and they go for over a thousand bucks each. I think the proceeds are gonna go to charity or somethin' (or is it something to do with Michael J. Fox's Parkinson research effort?)....whatever it is, it's for a good & noble cause. So for those who have extra moolah to burn, get these because there would only be so much made...1500 units. If Mattel decides to give us that hoverboard, then we're all set for the future!!

Now, can we please get a new 'Future movie? Doc Brown looks like he never aged! 

The Rebel

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