My wait is's finally here! Blu-ray galore!

Star Wars: Complete Saga Blu-ray

After weeks of waiting, my Star Wars: The Complete Saga blu-ray boxset came through the mail a couple of days ago. It arrived after almost 3 weeks since the worldwide release date, but hey, considering I'm over here at the other side of the world, it's relatively fast for amazon's standard.


Star Wars: Complete Saga Blu-ray

Star Wars: Complete Saga Blu-ray

Am pretty happy. The discount given by amazon meant that I only had to pay 88 bucks (plus shipping mind you!) for this excellent 9-disc blu-ray set....which means that it only costs me <10 bucks per disc!!

Star Wars: Complete Saga Blu-ray

Can't wait to start seeing this with the rest of The Rebel Page's crew tonight! Till then.....May the Force be with you!!!

The Rebel


desmond said...

Great score bro!!

Armand said...


Rafys78 said...

It is worth the buy, especially if pre-ordered from Amazon.
Here locally, they sell it at RM500 (USD160). That's twice the price!!
It's even packaged as individual jewel case.