Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Recent feeble haul @ mid-Oct...

Haul! Matty goodness: Battle-Armor He-Man, Leech & Slime-blower Winston!
steve rogers & savage opress (armored)
Haul! SW TLC Collection: Stass Allie & Ak-Rev

Finally got myself Battle-Armor He-Man (after months of resisting!). Decided to get Leech too, considering that he'd probably NEVER get re-issued again due to his various issues & barrage of criticisms. Slime-blower Winston seemed like a must for me since Vigo the Carpathian's figure is coming out in Dec '11.

Next, I got myself the Marvel Universe Steve Rogers (yup, it's Cap America sans his costume and shield!) and the 'armoured' version of Savage Opress from the SW Clone Wars series. These two figures are ridiculously hard to find over here in Malaysia since dreaded 'scal-pors' literally cleaned out these figures from retails shelves and jacked them prices up on eVilbay. Lucky for me, a specialty toy store brought these in and I was able to buy these two figures individually without having to buy the whole wave/set in which they came in.

In addition to the above goodness, me wife got me the Star Wars TLC Stass Allie and Ak-Rev figures. Those two for only USD 5 (or RM15 for us Malaysians)! TRU was clearing out some old stocks! Had always wanted to get these two before but their discounts weren't tempting enough till recently.

Now, if I could only drag my lazy butt to do a review of the backlog of plastic acquisitions I have in my collection....*sigh*

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