Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Feeble haul @ end-Oct'11....

Small haul @ end Oct '11

Here are some 'el purchaso' of mine towards the end of Oct '11.

DC Direct Arkham Asylum figures
For those who're familiar with the Arkham Asylum video game, you'd probably recognize that both The Joker and Harley Quinn were faithful representations of both characters as they'd appeared in the game. I am however, only interested in getting the villains as I feel that I already have an abundance of Batman action figures in my collection already, hence explaining why I didn't get the Batman figure to go with these two villains. I can't wait to get Bane & Killer Croc next!

Star Wars Vintage Collection (VOTC) Landspeeder & Luke's Tauntaun
Woohoo! I've always wanted the landspeeder since watching 'A New Hope' all those years ago. It took me a while to finally decide whether to get that Luke Skywalker's Tauntaun as I've read many collectors complaining that one can't possibly differentiate between this tauntaun and THAT tauntaun that came with the "Search for Luke Skywalker" set.

Hot Wheels Batmobile & Dodge Challenger
While I'm not exactly a hardcore Hot Wheels collector, I have been drawn to some of their offerings lately. Got myself the Arkham Asylum's Batmobile and Green Lantern's 1971 Dodge Challenger. Pretty good score if I do say so myself but honestly I'm pretty gutted that I'm yet to stumble across any 'The A-Team' van on retail shelves.

HW haul......Green Lantern & Arkham Asylum

The Walking Dead novel & Y: The Last Man Library Edition Vol. 4
In conjunction with the airing of Season 2 of the 'Dead TV series, creator Rob Kirkman teamed up with writer Jay Bonansinga to give us a brand new novel adventure. I've also snagged Vol. 4 of the Y: The Last Man (long overdue!) tradepaperback. At the point of typing this, I'm already halfway through the 'Dead book.

Oct '11 pop-culture literature haul...

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Armand said...

Cool! You picked up the DC Direct Arkham Asylum Joker and Quinn. Are you getting the Square Enix Joker as well?

The Rebel said...

Nah...just concentrating on these DC Direct Arkham Asylum (and soon Arkham City too) villains! Am thinking of getting Bats but honestly I'm just keen to pick up them bad guys.... =)