Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Marvel Universe Comic Pack WITHOUT the comic! WTF?!

I was strolling along a TRU near our IKEA (*hint...hint*) the other day with my wife and son when we stumbled across this comic pack. I was excited to finally see the X-Men First Class comic pack arriving at retail shelves here in Malaysia. As I was 'marveling' the figures (pardon the pun) of Marvel Girl & Cyclops, my wife immediately pointed out the glaring anomaly on the comic pack itself (which I had completely failed to instantly recognised in the first place!). She went..."Where's the COMIC in this COMIC-PACK?". At first I though it was only a serious isolated error but upon checking the rest of the Marvel Girl/Cyclops comic pack (there were 5 in total over on the same peg), every single one had NO COMIC in it although the wording "Includes X-Men First Class #1" is apparently VERY evident at the top right corner of the card back.

Way to go Hasbro Malaysia......

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Anonymous said...

Same problem here in Singapore, bro.

Suspect that these may have been sold out the back door by TRU US but the terms of their supply agreement may prohibit selling publications like Marvel comics, since Diamond would have the distributorship outside the US.

So these probably have been reworked to have the comics removed in order not to get into legal trouble.

I'd have been fine with that, except that the price is still ridiculous even though we're only getting 60% of the product.

~The RangerLord