2012 TMNT Classics figures by Playmates.....


Another toy company made their leap into the "classics" treatment (think MOTUC!).....Playmates recently announced during the recently ended NY Toyfair that they'll be giving their 80's TMNT action figures a re-hash and release them in their updated forms. Boy oh boy.....first Masters of The Universe and Thundercats and now this? What a great time to be a collector!

Yeah I know......this was first announced way back in early Feb but I couldn't help to post these pictures here on me humble blog. Plus, I just heard somebody inexplicably humming the cartoon intro theme song on my way up to my office this morning.....geeks rule! I hope Playmates show us their proto of Shredder and Krang soon!

For the record I only want to collect the 'classic' figures. There will also be action figures to coincide with the all-new/upcoming TMNT 2012 cartoon series....which I'm not to keen on getting.
Can't wait for the classic figures to hit retail! Thank God Playmates didn't decide to go the 'matty' way and shunned the 'on-line exclusives' road!


The Rebel

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desmond said...

This is nice...may consider to get them :)