Quinlan Vos in The Phantom Menace.....he's OFFICIALLY an on-screen character!

Quinlan Vos in The Phantom Menace.....he's OFFICIALLY an on-screen character!

I know some of you casual fans have absolutely no clue who Quinlan Vos is. Yea, I'm talking to you OTC purists! LOL. Chances are, if you didn't read the Expanded Universe (EU) comics and the subsequent novels, you won't be familiar with the character either. I kinda grew on the character. First of all, Vos was on Kashyyyk, together with Yoda when the dreadful Order 66 was executed. Yoda went on to decapitate Commander Gree and a couple of Kashyyyk Scout Troopers while Vos was lucky enough to escape an attempted assassination on himself somewhere in the nearby jungle.....well, not for long anyway. Many fans were also quick to diss Quinlan Vos as a mere 'imagination' created for the EU. Well, here's an interesting fact for all of you (if you haven't came across this one already that is!).

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Put on your 'Phantom Menace DVD/Blu-ray and pay attention. Note that you can spot a Jedi by the name of Quinlan Vos having his meal near where Sebulba was eating before Jar Jar's antics got him in trouble. Right before Anakin comes into the frame for the first time in the scene. This is where you can see Quinlan's face albeit a split second. You might want to play it in slow motion here, as he's quickly covered by Anakin. Quinlan Vos is the man with the yellow stripe going horizontally acrossed his nose.

Some were saying that them Hasbro folks created Quinlan Vos based on that particular 'species' and some were saying that he was already there before the Episode 1 movie was shot (had deleted scenes planned for him and all), but that's another story.

I recently got myself the VOTC figure of Quinlan Vos. His card depicted how he appeared in that particular scene.
Quinlan Vos

Perhaps my favourite among all is the 'Clone Wars' Quinlan Vos. Even though he is a cartoon/3D rendition of the character, I think he's the most rugged-looking among them all!

Clone Wars' Quinlan Vos

I also have the Comic pack Vos that came with Commander Faie, his clone commander while on Kashyyyk (yes, he was the one who tried to put a hole in Vos' head upon receiving Order 66 to no avail!). I know there was another version of Vos and he kinda had his dreadlocks all tied up....so that makes it 4 versions in total....not bad for a 'fringe' character!

The Rebel

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