Some Hot Toys teaser/preview pics round up for May '12....

Hot Toys - 1/6 Movie Avengers Loki

Ok, we've seen some incredible teaser/preview pictures from Hot Toys lately during May '12. Undeniably the one that takes the 'ultimate' cake for me was the Movie Avengers Loki. What madness and sorcery did HT unleash on that one?! That looks exactly like the actor Tom Hiddleston....looks like they managed to shrink him down to 1/6 scale perfectly! And Loki's image complete with his horns/helmet and cosmic spear was just........*flabbergasted*.....

Hot Toys - 1/6 Movie Avengers Loki

More Hot Toys "Avengers" releases.......

Recently we've also been teased by the backside view of Scar-jo's Black Widow. What a 'bum-mer' (pardon the pun!). I was expecting to see whether BW's hair is sculpted on or otherwise. FYI I was not a fan of the free-flowing doll-like hair of the 1st ver. of BW released some time I'm really hoping HT is giving us sculpted hair this time.

Hot Toys - Movie Avengers Black Widow teaser pic

And how about Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spiderman teaser? I've always find it amusing that "Garfield" is gonna play Spidey *shucks*......(yeah I know, lame   =p ). Well, judging from the partial view of the headsculpt, I'd say that it's probably gonna look awesome. But I'm not too sure whether I'd go ahead and get this one....I'm already heavily anticipating the upcoming Black Spidey (the one with that killer Toby McGuire headsculpt!) I think the Toby Spidey suit was a tad better and closer to the comics anyway. You could beg to differ though....

Hot Toys-Amazing Spider-Man Teaser

Way before that, we've also been given the teaser/preview images of the rest (thus far) of the Movie Avengers:

Iron Man Mark VII......production photos look mighty impressive indeed! Hopefully this one will come with an even impressive RDJ/Stark headsculpt.

Hot Toys -  Iron Man Mark VII teaser

Hulk......honestly this is my most anticipated Avenger figure of the lot. Something about Hulk that intrigues me...and yes, having a massive 18-inch 1/6 scale action figure amongst my collection is pretty tempting too!

Hot Toys_avengers Hulk teaser pic_april 2012

Thor......I gotta admit, earlier I too thought that the headsculpt had a slight resemblance to Karl Urban (and some even say Leo DiCaprio too! Great, now I can finally customise that Jack Dawson figure I desperately need for my Titanic dio...*shucks*). But if you've already pre-ordered Loki, then this figure is kinda a MUST for you. Nuff said......

Hot Toys - 1/6 Movie Avengers Thor

Captain America....this was the figure that started my 'desire' to collect HT's Movie Avengers line (though I'm still shying away from that Hawkeye figure........but that could soon change when we get the full preview pictures of Black Collectors have been criticizing that they should get a 'normal/calmed' headsculpt instead of that 'snarly' one. *Sigh*.....that's just how people are ain't it? You'd give an inch.....and they EXPECT a mile from ya. I'm just thankful that HT is giving us a modern Cap....that headsculpt ain't half bad guys!

Hot Toys 1/6 The Avengers: Captain America

Hot Toys 1/6 The Avengers: Captain America

Well, that's about it from me. Here's hoping we'd get the full preview pictures of the Hulk and Black Widow soon.....oh how thy wallet will bleed this year!!!!

Make mine Marvel!

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