Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Felicitaciones Espana.....heads up Azzurri, you've tried!

Italy - Euro '12 loss

Let's deviate a bit from the usual geek rants on toys, comics and such. Today was such a downer for us Azzurri fans. Yup, just in case you're not in the know, Euro '12 (football tourney for European teams.....or soccer to the Americans) just ended this morning (or evening, depending on where you are at that particular point in time) and Spain had emerged as victors by defeating Italy 4-0. Sigh, that's FOUR - nil folks. An earth shattering result which left the likes of Bonucci and the 'hard-as-rock' Balotelli in tears after the final whistle.

Somebody went and asked me soon after whether I'd still continue supporting the Azzurri (literally translates as 'The Blues' aka nick name for the Italian team). What a silly question! I've been a fan since World Cup '90 and unlike some other 'fans' from some other 'teams' I stand behind my team no matter what. Just because they lost the final match, doesn't mean they were the worst team in the tournament ain't it? That honor goes to the 'heavyweights' who didn't even make it past the Group stage.....LOL.

Enough rant for today....I think I better go and drown my sorrow by opening a couple of my MISB action figures now!

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Mario! said...

After the match against Germany, I was expecting a better final. Now we've got the World Cup to look forward to!