What happens when action-figures are overpriced?

TRU Malaysia got trolled!

I've rambled about how the G.I. Joe Retaliation figures were overpriced here in Malaysia about a month ago. Those were approx USD20 each.....insane. Well, these MIB:3 figures are at a close second. At RM50 each or approx USD17 each., they're just not worth it...at all! Heck, they're certainly not 'Star Wars VOTC' standard nor anywhere near the G.I. Joe figures by a mile. So why the heck are we collectors being slapped with such ridiculous price tags for sub-par figures?

Seems that they are people who dig these MIB:3 figures but weren't willing to pay the 'asking price'. So TRU, what do you get? The above picture sums it all up nicely......poor ol' Agent J.

*Sigh*....sometimes you wonder....are the retailers (*cough* TRU *cough*) the one to be blamed for causing such social ills? Four-incher figures priced more than 10 bucks in the States sounds outright expensive (back me up here please dear collectors from the States!)....so is TRU/other retailers/importers here telling us that it's okay to pay up to 20 bucks for the same figure here at the other side of the globe? Nonsense.

The Rebel


desmond said...

Bro, have to be more selective nowadays :)

Mario! said...

I agree, more than 10 bucks for a 3.75 inch figure is crazy.