Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Early Nov '12 goodness.....by my lucky charm!

el purchaso early Nov '12

Ahh, it's that time of the week/month (depending on how lucky I am) when I get to sit back, relax and enjoy the geeky bounties aka presents from my equally geeky (yet absolutely lovely!) wife. About a dozen (or so/or more) of Hot Wheels (all are hers obviously & all to be kept MISB unfortunately...), Steve Sansweet's '1000 Star Wars Collectibles' book which was only RM19.90 (or approx USD 6.5....a no-brainer purchase!), latest issue of 'The Score' magazine with a special coverage on the latest season of The Walking Dead, the latest 'Dead book by Robert Kirkman entitled 'The Road to Woodbury' (thus fuelling my anticipation and anxiousness for the rest of Season 3!), Obi Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter from ROTS (in VOTC packaging mind you PLUS she fully redeemed this with cash vouchers..woo-hoo!!), Ghost Rider & Thor from Marvel Legends Series 1 (darn, still can't find Hope Summers and Commander Rogers anywhere!!!), 3.75" Movie Avengers Nick Fury, Marvel Universe' Scarlet Witch & She-Hulk.

And there's more.....

Let's take a closer look at some of the stuff.....and the 'surprise' finds she managed to hunt down for me! Man is she my lucky charm or what?  =p

Read more......

Nick Fury, Scarlet Witch & She Hulk....they're almost a 'myth'. REALLY hard to find at retail!

I honestly never thought that I'd actually be able to get my hands on these 3.75" action figures......Movie Avengers' Nick Fury, Marvel Universe Scarlet Witch & She-Hulk. I thought these were a myth until my wife came back home and brought these to me....especially Nick Fury! I didn't want to splash major cash on the 8-pack Movie Avengers figure set but I always knew that I had to find ol' Sam Jackson to sit pretty with my movie Hawkeye and Black Widow (purchased much earlier in the year). My wife told me that she was lucky enough to be there when them Hasbro dudes came and re-stocked the TRU aisle. There were 2 of each Scarlet Witch & She Hulk (of course she immediately snagged a pair for her uber-geek husband) before they were even put on the aisle....and man oh man.....when she glanced up at the Avengers Movie figure pegs, Nick Fury was just sitting pretty begging to be picked up. A no brainer decision there.
Talk about being there at the right time and at the right place! She told me that she could've been checking out the other retail store in the complex but I guess she was really in tune with 'the Force' which had been nagging her to check out TRU first on that particular morning. The Force is strong in this one!!!!

Hot Wheels: The Bat

Among the dozen or so Hot Wheels snagged from various retail stores (and TRU too I supposed) is one particular vehicle was was kept secret from the collectors. Heck we weren't able to see any previews of this vehicle from the Hot Wheels '12 catalogue. I guess the reveal was made when we saw the TDKR movie some months back. Remember The Bat? That funny-lookin' flying contraption that Bale...errr....Bats/Wayne used towards the end of the movie? This is yet another 'MYTH'-like collectible in my opinion, joining the likes of HW Ecto-1 and K.I.T.T. (Knight Rider) which was virtually IM-POH-SIBBLE to find at retail. Of course if you're willing to shell out extra cash for those at flea markets/scalperBay then I guess you won't have any quibbles like I do. My 'four-leaf clover' wife found this not just once but TWICE on retail pegs!! We ended up selling one to another collector buddy of ours who weren't having any luck hunting it down relentlessly...at retail price of course!
Last minute early Nov haul....Astonishing Wolvie & The 'Lost Wave' Sandtrooper

Behold, last minute additions to the stuff she already bought me. How on earth did she find a Marvel Universe Astonishing Wolverine (already have this loose but I've always wanted one to be kept MISB) & a Sandtrooper from the Star Wars VOTC 'Lost Wave' line....at retail prices?
And.....get ready for the last surprise from my dear wife for me......*drumroll*....

Star Wars VOTC Wave 16 aka last wave for 2012

Can't believe me eyes! She managed to get the whole of Star Wars VOTC Wave 16 aka 'the Last Wave' for 2012! These were below retail prices too! Man it's gonna be a long weekend for me....can I even catch up with the reviews? *doubt it*.....LOL.

What can I say....when your wife is a lucky charm and a staunch supporter of what you do/like, you can't wish for a better 'better-half' than this! Je t'aime beaucoup ma cherie!

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Armand said...

Dude! You lucky sonovagun you! Wife supporting your addiction and actually scoring them for you? Priceless!