More Star Wars ludicrous pricing by TRU!

TRU Exclusive Endor Speederbike

Oh come one TRU!!! Just because you're the so-called 'Exclusive Distributor' for the region/country, doesn't mean you can mark these up as you wish! The price tag of RM169.90 or USD 57 bucks is just insulting to us Malaysian collectors. It's just 22 bucks in the States (and some retail outlets even offering a second one at HALF price!). How's the pricing for the rest of South East Asia I wonder?
I think us Malaysia collectors still haven't gotten over the over-the-moon pricing of the G.I. Joe Retaliation figures some months ago.....and now TRU Malaysia is testing our patience yet again with this. I can only think of one solution to put an end to this madness.....boycott them and pressure TRU to decrease the price in the near future. Even so, my visits to some TRU revealed that stocks are moving (means that there are suckers who're actually willing to meet the extortion price set by TRU Malaysia for a pair of 3.75" Scout Trooper and the Endor Speederbike) we collectors may not win this battle after all.....

The Rebel

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