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Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3: Episode 7 mini recap.....

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 7: Group tries to rescue Glenn and Maggie
Man, Episode 7 was basically a balls-out series of events that would eventually lead to the much awaited mid-season finale (aka Episode 8) next week. I find myself quite intrigued by the fact that Episode 7 was a departure from the 'character-building' premise that was evident in the episodes leading up to the current episode. In short, the producers are really doing a great job in fueling our anticipation for Episode 8 aka the mid-season finale. So let's get on with it.....
I love this part of my posting when I get to say.....SPOILERS ALERT! LOL.

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The episode started out with Merle’s confrontation with Glenn and Maggie as he tried to force them to give information on their group’s location. After Merle's unsuccessful attempt to get Glenn to talk with his 'persuasions' (man did Glenn get a beating or what?!) ol' Merle decided to 'throw in' an initiative to get Glenn to open his mouth. We got a glimpse of an enraged Glenn as he took on a walker when he was mostly tied up into a chair....awesomeness!
Then we got to see Rick reluctantly taking on Michonne as an ally. Yeah, took a while for Michonne to open up but when she did, you can see that she had some level of comfort and security interacting with Rick's posse. We can expect some adventures from Michonne and gang going forward down the season and beyond (assuming they all survive The Guv's diabolical and sadistic mayhem in Episode 8 that is!).
What creeps me out was The Guv's 'method' of breaking Maggie's emotional will. That was so expected from a man of such stature. Oh and the subsequent gun pointing threat to Glenn's head. What else can I say, kudos to the producers of the show for being able to directly translate the same hatred towards the Guv in the comic pages onto the big screen. Surely fans now wish for an ultimate showdown between the Guv and the Rick-tator to happen soon. I bet that it won't happen in Episode 8, but rather the producers are gonna build up our anticipation and make us wait until the second part of Season 3 resume sometime early next year for the much-awaited alpha male duel.

 The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 7 - Milton experimenting
I also particularly like the scenes where Milton (that'e the nerdy scientist wannabe in Woodbury)experimenting on one dead Mr Coleman presumably to find a cure for the plague and the scene where Rick's rescue party (they were on their way to bust Glenn & Maggie out of the Guv's hands.....great stuff, we get to see Rick, Daryl, Andrew and MICHONNE on a mission to save the two!) on their way to Woodbury when they stumble across an old hermit that still lives in a cabin in the woods seemingly oblivious of the fact that the world had ended! And what happened to that poor ol' man.....he ended up as zombie buffet! Excellent.
Next week, while we anxiously wait for that eagerly awaited clash between the two self-appointed leaders, we'd also expect a Daryl/Merle reunion....it'd be interesting to see how loyalties might change between those two. We'll also see whether Andrea decides to fight her former allies or stand by her current lover. Interesting stuff next week. 
Oh wait, did I say 'mini recap'? Guess I got a bit carried away this time around....heheh.
Bring on Episode 8!!!!!!

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