Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, January 14, 2013

Marvel Legends (2012) Wave 1...finally!

Marvel Legends 2012 Wave 1 & Terrax

Finally got around to complete my Marvel Legends (2012) Wave 1. Inevitably my wife and I had to assemble the Terrax BAF pieces. I mean, what's the point of getting the whole series of figures if you don't plan to assemble the pieces together and actually get that 'extra' figure. No offense dear MISB/MOC collectors, but I just don't see the point...hehe. Glad to finally see Hasbro coming to their senses and stocking ample stock at retail shelves. These are available everywhere now here in Malaysia. Sure, they're about a year or so LATE (hey, I did say ML "2012" rite?) but better late than never.


On the other hand, it's pretty funny to find that Wave 3 figures have been appearing everywhere too when only 4 out of 7 figures from Wave 2 have been found in retail. I'm kinda stoked that I didn't snag The Punisher when I saw him some weeks ago. Seems that he's quite a popular one next to the 'Pool here (which I found without much difficulty).Glad I found Deadpool, because the ML X-Force Wolvie, Archangel and possibly Psylocke (all in their silvery- greyish garb) are gonna be issued on single card real soon. All is well on the Marvel Legends front here in Malaysia. Keep it going strong Hasbro!

Now if I can just find the Punisher anywhere......(not gonna fall prey to them scal-pors on eVilbay!).

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Wave 2 the Arnim Zola wave and Wave 3 the Deadpool/no BAF wave? They're pretty easy to find here in Singapore and if you need, you can probably get them at retail (S$39.90) or through 20% discounts for pre-CNY sales. If you need some help getting some, you can ask Ewan over at Chase Variant -he's a standup guy! Cheers, the RangerLord

Anonymous said...

Wave 4, with Ultimate Captain America, X-Force Wolverine, Protector and Hyperion have already been released too in small numbers. Haven't seen the other figures yet.

desmond said...

I like the female figure in your wave 1 collection..the facial sculpt is very good.

The Rebel said...

Ranger Lord - yea....I know they've been popping up down under at the Lion city. I'll wait for the remainder of Wave 2 figs to appear here in KL, if they prove elusive, I'll probably take up that offer dude... =)

Anonymous - ahh, wave 4.....they're already out in the States yes? I would want Wolvie and Red Hulk from that wave, although assembling Hit Monkey is pretty tempting too!

Des - yea, Hasbro really upped their ante this time around. Great sculpt for a mass-market toy!

Anonymous said...

Funny - Wave 4 just launched in Singapore over the weekend. Keep an eye out for the short-packed Archangels and Hyperions. Wolvie is plentiful, Red She-Hulk not so much, but can be found.

I'm still waiting on the alternate Wave 3 - Blade, Moonstar and Red Deadpool! Supposed to be due out in January.

Happy hunting!

the RangerLord