Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sideshow teases their 1/6 Darth Malgus!!!


I don't really dig the Expanded Universe (EU), save for certain storyline i.e. The Thrawn Trilogy (Zahn's books) and the Star Wars Legacy comic series. I haven't even played the Old Republic game on my PS:3 before but I have seen cut-scenes of Darth Malgus many times before and I must say....he looks awesome for a villain!

Had such a hard time tracking his 3.75" VOTC figure down (I'd like to thank my better half for hunting that down for me!) since he is unofficially THE most sought after SW EU action figure amongst us collectors. The crappy distribution problem here in Malaysia certainly did not help. 

And now, Sideshow has finally/officially given us an image of their upcoming 1/6 Malgus figure! Breathless.....and we've not even seen waist downwards yet!

I just wanna say 2 things......he's a total BAD-A$$......and......a definite WANT for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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