Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Friday, May 17, 2013

FOUND! Hot Wheels 1:64 Knight Rider K.A.R.R.!

Hot Wheels Retro K.A.R.R.

Wow. I never thought that it was so darn hard to find the 1:64 Hot Wheels Retro Knight Rider K.A.R.R. out in the open. I already have two (2) of K.I.T.T., one is to be opened and displayed with K.A.R.R. but I guess I won't be opening K.A.R.R. here anytime soon as I would want one mint-on-card. I'll just have to keep on looking then. These were snapped up the moment they hit retail pegs. So being able to literally see any of the HW Retro vehicles at retail is truly a miracle indeed! I have to thank my better half for getting this one for me. This lone K.A.R.R. was located amidst a sea of 'unwanted' Retro vehicles i.e. the American Grafitti and Smokey & The Bandit cars.

I'm just gonna rant a bit about the original Knight Rider series from the 80s. The one with The 'Hoff'. I don't pay much attention to the newer versions (I think there were 2 different series in the 2000s and Hasselhoff did make an appearance in one of those). Just a little geeky trivia on K.A.R.R. The acronym stands for 'Knight Automated Roving Robot'. In his debut episode, he was voiced by Peter Cullen himself.....ya know, Optimus Prime? Ya can't get much geekier than that. K.A.R.R. died/was destroyed in that '82 episode but was revived and brought back to life in that classic 'K.I.T.T. vs K.A.R.R.' episode in '84 due to strong fan demands. I've always loved that classic Knight Rider series and I figured that once Hot Wheels produced a K.I.T.T. then a K.A.R.R. wouldn't be too far behind.

Say Mattel....could we get Magnum P.I.'s Ferrari next? Or even the Airwolf chopper?

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