Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Some haul for the past couple o' weeks....

haul_late April '13

I indulged myself in some plastic-retail therapy and these were my loot for the past two weeks. What a way to relief one's stress! It's great being a geek. Never thought I'll see that Marvel Universe Professor X in the wild. He's just so darn hard to find on retail pegs (funny us Malaysians only get to see this MU Wave now instead of last year!). When I finally found him at an obscure TRU two weeks back, he's sitting pretty next to a Blastaar variant.....jackpot! Love those 'flaming' arms of his. I caved in and got myself the Marvel Select Thanos. What surprises me is that he's a 2012 re-issue, something I didn't know Marvel Select did. It's great for those wanting to get the earlier-but-now-extinct MS figures. Now please re-issue that Mephisto....I really need that throne!

Haul of the week_early May '13

I searched high and low for the Hot Wheels Retro A-Team GMC van and I finally struck gold when I stumbled across a store assistant who was just re-stocking the Hot Wheels aisle the other day during lunch time. I grabbed two for myself (gotta open one and display it on my work desk!) and left the others (there were 4 left last I've seen them) for other fellow collectors. That Madame Hydra figure was bought on the cheap. Some collector got both Madames and wasn't too keen on Hydra and opted for Masque (he was so eager to dispose Mdm Hydra on the cheap!)....his loss is my gain! To cap a wonderful week, I came across the highly anticipated NECA Predator series 8 figures. There were 3 in the series, but I only opted to get the Jungle Patrol Dutch and the Jungle Hunter Predator (though I'm mighty tempted to also get the other version of Dutch too). Bear in mind that we'll get ANOTHER 2 versions of Dutch in series 9! Real top notch milking by NECA!

Tomica #142: Transformers BumbleBee

Marvel's Drax
Dark Wolverine

Hot Wheels: Fast & Furious 4/8

Hot Wheels: Fast & Furious 5/8
Hot Wheels: Fast & Furious 1/8Hot Wheels: Fast & Furious 7/8

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desmond said...

I saw the actual Dutch figures by Neca..the likeness of the figures is amazing..really worth for collection...