Matty continues to alienate fans...

Wow! Just wow. After announcing that a 'much-demanded fan-favourite character' i.e Fang Man was just gonna be made available to subcribers in March, now Matty continues to astonish non-subscribers by announcing that Clamp Champ (a CORE/ESSENTIAL figure in the MOTU lore) would not be available on 'day of sale' in July '13. Thanks a lot Matty! After years of battling the red/white screen of death just to get my hands on your action figures, now it's like you're literally spitting in my face by saying that I won't be able to get a chance to complete my core characters line-up if I don't buy your yearly subscription. That's not a way to treat collectors that have literally giving you money for your over-priced toys now ain't it?
And this is EXACTLY why I'm starting to pull the handbrake on collecting MOTU Classic figures...*sigh*. Sad....really great action figure line that invokes my 80s nostalgia feelings....a bit over-priced but I can take it, sure.....but this latest fiasco is just too much Matty. You should really learn something from the likes of Playmates or (can't believe I'm saying this!) Hasbro. Put the fans FIRST before your deep corporate pockets!
It looks like now I'm just gonna hunt down those 'impossible-to-get' core characters that I really need in the aftermarket.

'Nuff said....(I need me a new 'Classic' line to concentrate on!).

The Rebel

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Big J said...

I have never understood Mattel's assertion that the only way these things will sell is through subscriptions to collectors only. many parents would get kids into MOTU, we saw this with GI Joe 20th anniversary. and while collectors WILL scoop them up you can make sales to non collectors on top of this it equals more sales, the only theory I have is that this is greater profit (considering DCU are about $7-$4 less in store than the MOTU Classics are, and don't include shipping. so not only does Mattel make more per unit but they can gage production, but it also stops the line from selling to the next generation of potential fans which is what will keep them selling He-man, Hell if they did even start by slowly releasing the core few (skeletor, heman, man at arms, Beastman, Merman, Teela, Evil Lyn, and Stratos) I am sure they would sell well to both fans who didn't put up with the subscription crap, AND new fans who will continue the line, this is why Nintendo, and Macdonalds target younger folks, and for a toy company that should just be common sense.