A bit of mid-August haul....

haul mid-August '13

It's been a relatively quiet August for The Rebel as he slogs and plods his way through a temporary phase of writer's block on his blog. You just know that there's something odd about yourself when you start to refer to yourself in a 3rd party kinda way ain't it now? Haha. Anyway, I got myself a couple of stuff I've been eyeing since the beginning of the month.
I finally caved in and bought myself the Star Wars 3.75" Black Series Biker Scout. Truthfully I was still on the fence about this one amidst some 'not-so-favorable' reviews by some of the top Star Wars review sites out there on the 'Net. But the discount given by the retail store in which I visited the other day was too much to resist. Heck, now I'm even thinking of getting another one 'cause once you have him in hand, you'll soon realise that this could be the definitive Biker Scout/Scout Trooper for your collection  ...no joke!
Next up, I managed to find the ever-elusive Marvel Legends Hawkeye! You see, we Malaysians have NOT been getting any new ML stocks since Hasbro Malaysia decided to stop bring in any new 'Legends figure into retail stores here since the Arnim Zola wave. When I saw ol' Clint being offered (individually!) on-line by a local specialty toy store, I knew I just have to snag him....especially at just 20 bucks! The 3rd and final figure in the pic above actually belongs to my dear 5-year old who happens to be a huge 'Nick TMNT fan. Having snagged the 'interactive' Shredder the other day (hmm, maybe I'll get that posted on this blog sometime soon too) he was really looking forward to Dogpound and Leatherhead. The little man grabbed Dogpound here the moment he saw him on the shelf.
That's it for mid-August....over and out.

The Rebel

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