Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters...brief thoughts on the film...

Alright folks. Time for another brief movie review. Caught the 2nd Percy Jackson film with the family and some friends on Tuesday. The movie's called Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and it's a follow-up to 2010′s Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief . These series of movies are big screen adaptations of Rick Riordan’s five part Percy Jackson book series. Think J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books and you'll get the drift. This is not a direct rivalry to the Hogwarts' books but one definitely can't ignore the similar feel about Riordan's demi-God tales to Rowling's wizardry stories.
The story kicks off where we left our heroes after the events of the 1st movie. As Percy Jackson struggles with his so-called 'one-off' glory in saving Olympus, he is now forced to become second fiddle to another 'champion' in Camp Half-Blood. The security of the camp is soon threatened by a familiar recurring good-guy-turned-villain from the 1st movie and our group of heroes (Percy & his ensemble) were forced to locate and retrieve the Golden Fleece in the Sea of Monsters or Bermuda Triangle (to us humans) to re-inforce their camp's security. Oh yeah, all that and Percy discovered that he has a cyclops for a half-brother.
Honestly, as a cryptozoology fan, I was rather disappointed that the movie didn't really lived up to its name. I mean, where the heck were the 'sea' of monsters? Sure, there was that giant 'ocean-Sarlacc Pit' Star Wars nod and that sea-horse...but those were it. Really. I thought there was gonna be a barrage of mythical sea creatures and stuff...aww dammit, there weren't any except for those two. Nathan Fillion's cameo didn't do much either. He's a 'fan favourite' it seemed but to me his part was just ....*meh*...forgettable.
I'm not really sure whether the movie succeeded in building up audiences's expectations for part three, The Titan’s Curse. While the 1st movie felt a bit comical and humourus, Sea of Monsters had a bit more serious undertone feel to it (or at least they tried to be!). But we shouldn't be analysing these things too much now should we?. In the end of the day, I felt that it's probably best to just enjoy the movie for what's its supposed to be....good ol' popcorn fun flick that it should be and you're all ok.

I  dig the introduction of Kronos and how Percy eventually discovered that the 'prophecy' predicted might not even be referring to him. A 'miracle' that happened towards the end of the movie suggests that Percy might not even be the 'Special One' as everyone had envisioned as a result of his exploits from the 1st movie.

You want a fun ride of a movie? Do you miss the 'feel' from the Potter movies? Love the Greek mythos? Then go and watch the movie without being too critical about it....seriously.
There, I did say 'brief' review, didn't I? Over and out.

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