Ewan McGregor for Episode VII?


Reports have it that Ewan McGregor is still keen to play Obi Wan in the upcoming JJ Abrams Star Wars flick in 2015. Hey, haven't we been through this before? Weren't the geek community already annoyed that McGregor is very much oblivious to the fact that the character that he played in Episode I till III is already DEAD in the Star Wars continuity. Wait a tick.....maybe he IS aware that Obi Wan only appeared as a 'Jedi spirit' since his demise in Episode IV.....so I guess he's already content to be playing a 'ghostly apparition' then? Anyway, this was what he had to say recently about the possibility of joining Abrams' cast: 

"They haven't phoned me yet. (If they do) I'd be up for it..."

It's all in JJ Abrams' hands now. I'd personally be looking forward to see Ewan back in the SW fold so you can say that I'm a bit excited if he does sign up for Abrams' cast member line-up.

The Rebel


desmond said...

bro..u have the latest obi wan figure?

The Rebel said...

Yup Des. I've also reviewed this some time ago, do check out my archive bro.