Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

KAPOW! Hot Toys' Sixth Scale '66 Batman & Robin up for pre-order!

Hot-Toys-Batman & Robin_1966-Collectible-Figure

Both the Hot Toy's 1/6 '66 Bats & Robin are slated for a Q2 or Q3 '14 release and are already up for pre-order. Yea, I understand....they're not exactly everyone's cup of tea, so cut these some slack and just let them be. There are fans of the '66 series who're really looking forward to these. They never really complained about the 'Power Ranger'-like TDK armour now do they? I'm still on the fence on these though but they look really cool, especially when you realise that they're probably gonna do the rest of the '66 ensemble! Pretty interesting indeed.

Hot-Toys-Batman & Robin 1966-Collectible-Figure

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