Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness...brief (& late!) thoughts on the movie...

Goodness me. Been meaning to catch this flick back in May but somehow or rather procrastination got the better of me. Funny how sometimes I never got the chance to really catch flicks which I thought I'd be the first in line for the cinema tickets (*cough* World War Z *cough*). Finally caught the second JJ Abrams' Trek instalment on blu-ray last night with my wife and kid. The movie itself was one big colourful mesh of cinematic visual glory so I can only imagine how wonderful it must have been for those who caught it in 3D over at the cinemas. I guess most of you have already seen this on the big screen by now so I won't feel bad about giving away any spoilers or anything.
Like many, I was totally impressed on how Abrams had successfully revamped the Trek franchise. His first Trek film in '09 was a success, winning over hardcore purist 'Trekkies' on board as well as new fans alike. Into Darkness built upon the feel and fresh take of the '09 film so right from the beginning I knew it was gonna be a great movie.  If I had known better, the intro of the movie is kinda like a nod to Raiders of The Lost Ark. Was this intentionally done by Abrams? Whatever it is, it's a cool 'reference' to the classic Indy movie doncha' think?
Most of the actors from the 1st flick (if not all?) came back for this sequel. Sherlock Holmes is Khan Noonian Singh. Robocop/Murphy is Starfleet Admiral Marcus. Sounds like a fun ensemble!
We find that Into Darkness employed a reverse plot of the 1982 The Wrath of Khan movie ending. In that classic Shatner-Nimoy led movie, it was Kirk who shouted 'Khannnnn!' when Spock sacrificed himself to save the Enterprise. Spock had the honour to shout this time but unlike the '82 flick, we didn't have to wait for the 3rd movie for the dead hero to be revived! A cameo by Leonard Nimoy proved how the current Spock (still) gets to communicate with the 'alternate' universe Spock. A reference to how the 'alternate' world Khan Noonian Singh was handled by the Enterprise crew soon took place. Seemed that both versions of Khan wasn't someone to be messed with and should be handled with extreme care. This parallel universe thing is really growing on the new Trek films now ain't it?
I must admit, I never considered myself to be a 'Trekkie' but I am looking forward to Abrams doing Star Wars VII in 2015. If Abrams' take on Star Trek is any indication of how the future Star Wars flicks are gonna be, then we're in for a real treat! God knows how the Star Wars franchise needs to be re-worked (if not re-booted) to ease the pain we felt from watching the dismay prequel films.
Overall I think the movie screams 'excellent' both in the cinematography and plot department. The acting was top notch too. It makes Star Wars fans wonder why in the world Uncle George wasn't able to find better/quality actors for the prequel films when Abrams seemed to be finding them with such ease for every each of his flicks. Star Trek: Into Darkness deserves a spot in your blu-ray collection! Nuff said.

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