Teaser: Daryl Dixon with Chopper Deluxe Boxed Set....

daryl dixon deluxe

This one's been buzzing over the net several days ago but as usual I was too tied up with things to notice this. As a fan of AMC's 'Dead TV Series, I'm excited to see that McFarlane's finally listening to their fans by unveiling their Daryl Dixon 2.0 action figure. The upcoming Daryl Dixon with Chopper Deluxe Boxed Set is priced at $32.99 and scheduled to arrive in March 2014. This 5-inch scale figure set packs marks the arrival of the first vehicle for the 'Dead line. The details on the motorcycle stays true to how it appeared on-screen, featuring the lightning-bolt insignia on the tank, skull decal, and saddlebags at each side of the rear. Daryl will have approximately 20 points of articulation, hunting knife and new crossbow. He's available now thru BBTS and Entertainment Earth if you're interested to get him. Of course the Daryl image above is a 3D rendering of Norman Reedus but the final product is expected (let me just repeat...expected) to look exactly like it. Let's hope so.

In the meantime, I'm gonna mull over to see whether I should cancel my pre-order of the Daryl/Merle 2-pack from BBTS for this. Hmmm....

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