Some Sept haul....

Sept '13 feeble haul....

It's been a relatively quiet September for The Rebel but somehow he managed to slip in a few stuff into his vault even though he already has a sizeable 'yet-to-be' reviewed mountain of stuff to be photographed and reviewed. Ah well, life (as a collector) goes on. We'll get to the reviewing part sometime soon. Anyway here's a quick look into the stuff he traded part of his hard earned salary with (Ok, I really should stop talking in a 3rd person mode now):

1) The Official James Bond Car Collection #1 - Ok, my favourite Bond is still Roger Moore and my favourite Bond flick is (*surprisingly*) Skyfall, but I can't resist from getting this Brosnan vehicle for just USD3.30 now could ya?

2) DC Eaglemoss #72 Plastic Man - I think this is my first 'lead figurine' since I stopped sometime during #35. Hey, he's a core JLA member.

3) Star Wars Black Series Mara Jade - I think most of you have read of my triumph in finding her in the wild in one of my previous post. Woot!

4) Movie Masters Supes & Shackled Zod - A bargain from a flea market trader I know. He sold me these at a 60% discount off retail prices. Resistance was futile!

end Sept haul...

5) TRU was havin' a clearance sale the other day and my wife just had to get these Wreck-It-Ralph figures for our son. Pity there wasn't a Turbo action figure to go with them. 'Ralph is among the best Disney animated film for us three! 

6) My wife found me the ML 'Thunderbolts' Punisher the other day. I restrained myself from getting the regular version but I was pretty intrigued indeed on Frank's foray into the Rulk's team so I caved in and this one went straight into my wish-list.

7) MOTU Classics Ski High with Jet Sled - This is the most used vehicle in the classic cartoon series. Nuff said.

The Rebel