The Walking Dead Season 4 begins!

The Walking Dead Season 4

Woohoo! The wait's finally over. Episode 1 of Season 4 of AMC's TWD TV series aired on Fox in the States last night much to the delight of many impatient fans. Technically, we Malaysians would only get to see it over on our Fox channel next week, about 1-week after the US premier. But there's always the good 'ol internet now ain't it? My better half immediately downloaded this mere hours after it was shown in the States and imagine the look on yours truly's anticipating face when he came back from work yesterday! Episode 1 didn't disappoint. Some fans may view this episode as being a bit slow but I felt it was necessary as it builds up the pace for the rest of Season 4. Glad to see familiar faces returning for the new season and the new faces were a welcome sight too. I'm also glad to see that even after 6 or 7 months (*cough*...spoiler alert...*cough*) Michonne is still searching for the Guv'. I'm anxious to see how the gang handles the 'internal threat' from within the prison walls next week as we were left with a cliffhanger at the end of Episode 1.

Anyway, next week couldn't come fast enough!

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