Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2 recap...

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Had this episode downloaded last Monday but I only took the time to watch this with my significant other late last night. Honestly, I refrained myself from reading the countless reviews on the internet a day after this was aired in the States. I wanted to watch this myself and provide a good honest quick review on the episode. I know there are countless good reviews out there on these TWD episodes but here at The Rebel Page, I'd sum it all up in perhaps a few short paragraphs. I don't mean to splurge the juicy details or spoilers if you must but if you haven't watched this episode (here in Malaysia we'd only get the episodes aired on our Fox channel a week later than the States) then you might wanna skip this post altogether.

Personally, I was curious to see how the new executive producer, Scott Gimple was going to fare when compared against his predecessors. Filling in the shoes of the great Frank Darabont and later Glenn Mazarra is by far no easy feat but after 2 episodes, I think I like what I'm seeing thus far.
Rick is no longer the trigger happy leader we've seen for the past 3 seasons, trading his Colt handgun for a pair of gardening gloves. Hershel's pretty content with his farming ways too until an 'internal' flu outbreak threatened the very safe haven they call home. Some mysterious figure was seen in the beginning of the episode feeding rats to the walkers who roamed the outer perimeters of the prison fence and he/she is a definite suspect for the murder of Tyreese's beloved Karen and some other un-named survivor at the very end of the episode. Aptly titled 'Infected', episode 2 mostly dealt with the survivors' will to avoid the outbreak while continuing to quell the increasing aggression by the undead who by now had congregated in droves to take down the prison fences. We also got to see a more 'motherly' side of Michonne with baby Judith. One can only guess what/who she lost when the zombie outbreak first hit. Carol's finally getting her chance to be a mother again. Daryl...well, he keeps doing what he does best. Maggie and Glenn is still the apocalyptic on-screen lovers we all love to keep tabs on.
It's great to see Rick finally picking up his weapon belt/holster again while entrusting Carl once more with a handgun when all of them universally agreed that it was perhaps best to do so. Furthermore, there's always the returning threats of The Guv' and (what's left of) his henchmen....say after X-mas?
I've already read some people commenting that the new direction is boring and not anywhere near the excitement of previous seasons, but I think it's great that the showrunner's exploring more human issues and predicaments in the new season. Besides, I can't ever recall a higher zombie kill count in any of the first two episodes of any previous seasons! Bring on the 3rd episode.

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