Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Friday, November 29, 2013

Hot Toys Bruce Banner & Hulk sixth scale figures set.....


You just gotta applaud Hot Toys for listening to their fans. You see, there was a strong shout out for them to produce a Bruce Banner/Mark Ruffalo sixth scale figure since they first announced their Hulk figure. There was an initial uproar when Hot Toys announced over at their facebook page that they'll be releasing both the Bruce Banner figure together the (re-cyled) Hulk figure as the 'Regional Premium Edition' set. I guess this would only be available in certain regions of the world....(my money's on HK ONLY....as usual) thus continuing Hot Toys' policy of alienating their collectors from the rest of the world. You'd probably have a a decent shot of getting the set if you're willing to pay premium prices for it though. I've read somewhere that we'd also get the chance to buy Banner separately if you're not keen to get the Hulk, especially if you've already purchased the MMS 186 figure. I'm patiently waiting to see whether this is true or otherwise. I won't be buying the set just to get Banner/Ruffalo. If he's not available on his own then my Avengers line-up won't have a Bruce Banner....it's simple as that.

What say you guys? Are you willing to buy the set (and get the Hulk AGAIN if you've already bought him) just to get a sixth scale Bruce Banner?


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