Sayin' goodbye to Marvel Universe....

Best of Marvel Universe

More of a goodbye group picture really this is. After a long and hard thought, I finally decided to sell off my whole Marvel Universe (MU) action figure collection last weekend. The above represents the 7 best (ok I know there are 8 figures but two of them are the same really i.e. Gladiator Hulk and the modern Hulk...they share an identical body buck) Marvel Universe action figures I ever had since I jumped into the line way back in April '10. It has been such an interesting 3-year plus ride, especially when you factor in the crappy distribution by Hasbro Malaysia and the constant ever-present threat of profit-mongering scalpers scouring retail shelves everywhere. It was such a pain in the *** to track these 3.75" action figures down in the wild but they were worth the hunt nonetheless. Some of them were really good representation of the Marvel characters they are supposed to resemble (I'm saying SUPPOSED because some of the figures did not look like the ones they're supposed to look like at all....*cough*...Mary Jane....*cough*). But to be fair, some of these MU figures could put some of their 'Legends counterpart to shame. Take a look at Scarlet Witch here and compare her to the abysmal Marvel Legends' version.

Best of Marvel Universe

I'd like to give a shout out to my wife and a couple of collector buddy of mine for constantly being on the lookout for new MU figures at retail for me. Parting is such sweet and sorrow so I think I'll end this little adventure of mine by sharing with you a picture of what I honestly think were the best figures for me in terms of sculpt and design that came from the Marvel Universe line:

In no order of preference....Astonishing Wolverine, Hercules, Jim Lee's Cylops, The Vision, Dr Strange, Scarlet Witch, World War (Gladiator) Hulk & Modern Hulk.

Thank you Marvel's time for me to go back to my 'Legends collection now!

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