Some early Nov haul....

haul early Nov

My early November list of haul has been nothing but victorious in many ways for me. I received the two 'walkers from McFarlane's AMC The Walking Dead Series 4 line up courtesy of a buddy of mine in the States who had relentlessly roamed every single toy aisle in his area for me. Those were hard to find even in the States so I'm one happy camper. Next, I managed to get hold of the ridiculously under-produced MOTU Classics' Mantenna and the Horde Troopers 2-pack. Ok, so Mantenna wasn't that limited in quantity but there is a global shortage of the Horde Troopers set. Way to go Matty, another one of your brilliant marketing ploy? It's even more astonishing when you simply REFUSED outright to do a second run! Inconceivable. I need at least another 2 sets for army-building and there are many collectors who weren't able to secure a single how about that for 'we always put the fans first'? Bloody unbelievable.

I found the #70 Power Girl and #65 Brainiac Eaglemoss lead figurines at a leading book store in town (they were the ONLY ones left and I had to battle it out with another collector for them!). These were found in abundance when they were first released some time ago here in Malaysia but they soon dwindled in numbers as many stores do not carry them anymore save for certain big book stores around town. Really frustrating to find these lead figurines so I hope things will get better eventually when they release the Marvel collection soon.

My 5-year old son is really into collecting Eaglemoss' Official James Bond car collection. We're into issues #3 and #4 and at the point of typing this he's already asking about the release date for #5! Talk about passion. He even picked up the Joker LEGO minifig from a local flea market trader and my guess is he'll probably ask his dad/mum to find him more 'superheroes' for his collection. 

MOTUC Horde haul!

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desmond said...

It seems you will complete the whole series of the walking dead..Nice!!