The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4 recap...

The Walking Dead-Season 4-Episode 4

You know how some people often criticize how AMC’s The Walking Dead TV series seemed more like a soap opera/human drama than the zombie-bashing fiesta that it’s supposed to be. This had in fact led to many fans of Robert Kirkman’s comic books dissing the TV series altogether. I tend to sometime agree with that notion but in truth the producers have done a great job in meshing the two elements together on TV. Episode 4 of Season 4 does just that when we get to see the writers going deeper into some of the characters inner thoughts and back stories. It’s all about character development this time around and less time was spent at the prison where the sick occupants desperately await the return of Daryl and gang with the much-needed antibiotics.

We get to see two separate story arcs as the writers concentrated on those on the road this week. When we last saw them, Daryl and co were thwarting off an insanely huge zombie herd while they making their way to the veterinary college Hershel had told them about. They somehow made their way into an abandoned neighbourhood (what else) and that was where Tyreese had recklessly neglected the well-being of himself and the rest of the gang (Daryl, Michonne & Bob) as he tries to cope with the death of Karen and how his sister Sasha fell ill to the dreaded flu back at the prison. We learnt that Bob struggled with alcohol and he kinda admitted that he was the cause of Zach’s demise back in S4E01. Daryl gave him a stern warning about his alcohol habit and was pissed off when he found that Bob took none of the medicines into his bag in favour of an alcoholic drink. My money is on Daryl beating the s**t out of Bob in Episode 5!

The second story arc dealt with how Rick and Carol went for a supply run at an abandoned neighbourhood. Much of the conversation that took place revolved around Carol’s decision to take Karen and David’s lives, much to Rick’s dismay. They even stumble across a pair of survivors but we later learnt that the female got chomped by walkers and Sam (the other survivor) went missing when Rick and Carol went back to get him. Great to see Rick being more 'human' this time when he agreed to bring the survivors back to their prison community rather than ignoring/leaving them.

The thing is, we’d only get to know what the episode title (Indifference) really meant towards the end of the episode itself. Although faced with a difficult decision, Rick probably did the right thing by asking Carol to leave. No one is above the 'law' when it comes to taking another human's life, although the term 'law' here is subjective now that the world as we know it has ended. All of these 'drama' happened while they bash through them walkers with great ease.

What did I tell you? It’s a great mesh of drama and zombie action this week. I wonder what's in store for us in the next episode....maybe the Guv's coming back? That would be really something. There ain't a better time to add more chaos to the prison survivors in the midst of the killer flu pandemic!

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