Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 6 recap....

The Walking Dead S4 E6: Live Bait

Episode 6 of Season 4 ('Live Bait') has got to be one of the most heart-warming episodes ever to have graced the whole entire 4 seasons thus far. Seriously speaking, I had not seen this coming, especially when it actually does NOT involve any of the main 'good guys' i.e. Rick and co at the prison.

I've read the Rise of the Governor (2011) book and I enjoyed it very much. It provides the much needed backstory of ol 'Guv before we even saw him on AMC's TV series even though there were few differences here and there. I wish I could say the same about the sequel, Road to Woodbury (2012) but I think I prefer 'Rise' better anytime, anyday. Well folks, Episode 6: Live Bait is a direct way of alluding that the 'Rise' novel was in fact 'cannon' to the whole TV series story line. Before I confuse you any further, let's just say that the 'Guv is not always who he claims to be.

In the 'Rise' book, he's Brian Blake but kinda 'adopted' his brother's name (Phillip) and Penny was in fact his niece (Phillip's daughter). But in the TV series, he randomly introduced himself as Phillip while implying that Penny was his daughter. In this latest AMC TWD episode, the name Brian Heriot was scribbled on a barn and he decided to adopt the name? Was it a reference to his real name? Or did he feel that it's a common name that no one would question? The mystery lingers on.

It's great to see that the writers gave a huge nod to the 'Rise' book and introduced Lily (April in 'Rise') and Tara into the fold. The Guv's soft heartedness saw him taking a liking to Lily's daughter Megan and inevitably memories of his late daughter (niece?) Penny comes to his mind. He also had an intimate moment with Lily while they spent the night in a food delivery truck in the open. This reminded me a great deal to a scene in David Moody's zombie book i.e. Autumn: The City involving the two main protagonists. Coincidence?

The teaser for Episode 7 also implied that ol 'Guv is gonna round up a new gang and attack the prison and ultimately giving him the much-desired revenge he yearned for since Rick and co dismantled his 'governor-ship' in Season 3. I take it that Episode 7 is gonna be a whole new beginning for the 'Guv as he prepares himself to exact a payback to the people who left him with no people to govern anymore. Good stuff from them writers this week!

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