Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7 recap...

TWD S4 E07 Dead Weight

Man oh man oh man....I can't believe that we're fast approaching the season finale for Season 4 next week! It was just like yesterday when we got to quench our insatiable zombie action thirst when Season 4 started way back in October. Episode 7 is titled 'Dead Weight'...though I'm not exactly sure why it is called so. But whatever 'hope' you had for The Governor in previous episodes seemed to vanish by the time you're halfway through Episode 7.

When a 'reformed' Governor/Phillip/Brian/whatshisface displayed his fatherly/husbandly attributes when he stumbled across the Chalmers, many had thought that there is indeed hope for the man who coldly eliminated whoever who opposed him (including his own Woodburians!). God we were wrong...so wrong! Ol' Guv's back to doing what he's supposed to do best in this latest episode. Heck, even Martinez wasn't spared...and to think that Martinez was the one who took him into the new camp...sheesh...talk about gratitude.

Ol' Guv has somehow weaseled his way up as the leader of this new camp of survivors (Woodbury 2.0 anyone?). They even have a tank! So you just can't help but to feel a bit sorry in advance for Rick and co. as we've already seen the preview for Episode 8 (they brought the tank to the prison camp...holy s***!). Our one-eyed baddie is gonna get his revenge after all huh?

I don't have much to say on Episode 7 but I gotta admit....pulse is racing in anticipation of Episode 8! 

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