Star Wars action-figure shot of the day: K3-P0..


Here's the K3-P0 action figure from that Hoth 'Defense' figure set. He's really one of those under-rated droid figure from the trilogy. I mean, nobody gave a darn about a droid who only had a few seconds of screen time. But who knew that he held a high-ranking post in the Rebel Alliance Hoth base. 

K3-P0 didn't make it through the Hoth fiasco. It's true, here's a screen shot from the movie to prove it:


Think that it was one of the Empire's laser blast that killed him? Wrong. He 'died' when he was hit by a tauntaun's flapping tail. Seriously. You can read all about it here.  You can say that nobody important died during the battle of Hoth.

The Rebel

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