The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale '13...


It's that time of the year again. For those lucky enough to be in Malaysia during this time of the year would probably know that the annual Big Bad Wolf Book Sale takes place at the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) from 6 - 15 Dec '13. The event is organised by Book Xcess, the leading discount book store in Malaysia/(asia/world?). They had like millions of books on sale over at MIECC with over 1 million titles for you to choose from. You can google it up on the 'net if you need more info on this. Many book enthusiasts look forward to this event as it represents a chance for you to pick up those pricey books that you've hesitated to add to your collection before. You see, you get to enjoy up to 95% discounts for regular priced books and some of these are still selling at full price at retail! You just gotta see them to believe it. I went to the sale last year and I was so hyped up to be here again this year.


Here's an aerial view of the event hall. I'm not sure how big the whole hall is but you can more or less estimate the spaciousness of the hall when I had to actually snap 3 different angles of the hall......


.....just to show you how big the huge hall is.


Many of course, went frenzy over the fiction & non-fiction books on sale. They range from as low as RM5 (or USD1.60) to RM30 (USD10) depending on whether it's a paperback or hardcovers. But on average, they seldom go for more than RM20 (USD6.80). There's definitely something for everyone here. You just gotta brace yourself to complete browsing every single 'island/table' available in the hall and from the 3 pictures I posted here you just know it you're gonna have sore feet afterwards.

Best part is, the organisers mentioned on their fb page that they're gonna add new titles every day so that's motivation for you to continuously visit the venue every day till the last day of the event.


I went a little ape-s*** last year when I bought heaps of comic TPBs and hardcovers with little on the 'actual' books section. This year, I conditioned myself to snag a few books/novels rather than comics. The moment I saw the comic/graphic novel islands (there were 4 of 'em but 1 was completely full of 'manga' TPBs), that hope evaporated into thin air.....LOL.


Here's the scene at one of the island/table. Full of comic enthusiasts and casual curious passerby who're wondering why a barrage of funny-lookin' geeks gathered around religiously around the area. 


Here are a couple of snapshots of the tables so you'd be able to have a rough idea of what's available for you to choose from. Remember, these are discounted TPBs and hardcovers so expect up to 95% discounts for the stuff you see here. You can can clearly see that story arcs as recent as 'Fear Itself' were available for sale. Sorry for the lack of pictures because as soon as I snapped these two, I immediately stashed my phone away (the other hand was already gripping my son's hand) and began to rummage through the pile. 

*Les dommages (the damage)*

Haul from Big Bad Wolf sale @ 7 Dec '13

Truth be told....I actually went to the sale TWICE in the span of 5 days. Here's our (my better half & son had their bounty too!) loot for the 1st day of visit. My wife bought 'real' books for herself but I succumbed to the lure of the cheap graphic novels!

Haul from Big Bad Wolf sale @ 7 Dec '13

My wife saw this Millenium Falcon 'manual' somewhere in the middle of the hall and picked this up for me. It was less than RM20 (or
BIg Bad Wolf sale '13 haul - Round 2

Here is our loot from the 2nd visit. As you can see, I finally picked up a couple of 'real' books this time around (I think you'd be able to recognize which ones are mine) but inevitably I had to make a quick pit stop to the graphic novel/comic section (ARRGH!) and (inevitably) I picked up another 3 to add to the pile I got myself during my 1st visit.

Anyway, if you're in town, the sale ends on Sunday, 15 Dec in Malaysia. I totally recommend you to make a quick stop over there to see for yourself the madness and unbelievable prices of the items on sale. 'Nuff said.

The Rebel


desmond said...

Bro, great haul :)

The Rebel said...

Thanks Des....this represents the only time we Malaysians get to pick up tradepaper backs on the cheap....hehehe.