The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie quick recap....


The Hunger Games (THG) is a series of book written under the 'young adult' banner similar to that of the Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyers. For the record, the Twilight books were miles better than the movies, as confirmed by many purists of the books (my better half is one of 'em!). But let's not even go there and go back to TGH's on-screen adaptation. I gotta admit, when I first watched the first movie of the trilogy, I had this tiny rotten feeling that it was gonna involve into a Twilight-esque love triangle thing when I learnt that Katniss had a better half back home in District 12 but at the same time acting it all out with Peeta on screen. When I finished watching Catching Fire, the 2nd instalment of the futuristic gladiator-esque trilogy last night, all that horrific thoughts about THG morphing into another Twilight disappeared into thin air.

Catching Fire picks up where we last saw Katniss and Peeta from the 1st movie. They were now worthy winners of the last games and were forced to go on a 'Tour' to exploit their victory but what they were really doing was to propagate the ideals of (the fictional futuristic nation) Panem's leader, President Snow. Unwillingly, Katniss had become a symbol of hope and many mini-riots took place in various districts spurred by the rebellious inpromptu speech made by her during her first ever tour stop.

They were soon forced to compete in yet another round of the 'human-hunt' survival games as the once-in-a-25-year Quarter Quell comes perfectly into its next cycle. Katniss and Peeta, together with some new-found allies, soon went head-to-head with a bunch of seasoned 'Reaping' event in the Quarter Quell before the big reveal at the end of Catching Fire of what's coming in the 3rd and final instalment of THG film. Revolution is coming! I must say, irregardless of whatever you may make of THG's book genre, the movie(s) is really turning out into something really cool and I actually look forward to the 3rd movie. The acting is top notch and I personally like how Donald Sutherland managed to bring the diabolical President Snow's character to life.

This is one of the must-watch movie of the kidding. Go watch it now!

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