The Walking Dead & Game of Thrones' upcoming sixth scale figures!

ThreeZero Walking Dead and Game of Thrones Teaser

From what I've read, ThreeZero is the parent company to the 3A/Ashley Wood toy company. There are a lot of 3A enthusiasts out there and they can vouch for the many excellent sixth scale figures that they've produced thus far. To be honest, I was never really into their 'stylistic' PopBot and World War Robot character designs but when I first heard that ThreeZero was gonna do sixth scale figures of my two most favourite TV series' characters, I was immediately intrigued. Well, they did preview those Michonne Zombie pets not so long ago so it's only fitting that they show their 'humans' too this time around.

To tease collectors, ThreeZero had posted a photo from the work station of one of their sculptors. The photo holds several clues of what's coming under the two licences they hold:

• The Walking Dead – Daryl Dixon
 • The Walking Dead – Merle Dixon
 • The Walking Dead – Rick Grimes (head sculpt near top)
 • Game of Thrones – Tyrion Lannister (red and black outfit, head sculpt bottom left)
 • Ned Stark? (bottom left with Tyrion head)

ThreeZero Officially Announces Game of Thrones Figures

With this teaser poster, ThreeZero officially announced that they will truly be producing the TV series Game of Thrones sixth Scale Figures. Apparently teaser pictures will come our way sometime in early '14. Holy **** I think I just pooped in my pants out of excitement! My two most favourite TV series are gettin' their own sixth scale figures! Can't wait to see more reveals from ThreeZero soon.

The Rebel


deSMOnd said...

really good news bro!!

Little Plastic Man said...

Yes. I have pre-ordered the two Pets and they are so much cheaper than Hot Toys

The Rebel said...

Des - yes it is..I'm gonna wait for more picture reveals before I make my move!

Adrian - wow much were their pre-order price? do they come in a set?