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Caught the all-new Robo flick yesterday night with me better half and son. Seriously, we conditioned ourselves not to quickly judge the new flick to Peter Weller's original movie back in the 80s. Unfortunately, some of the movie goers in the cinema last night weren't as discreet and some can be heard saying stuff like "You know, the original movie didn't have...." and "This new Robo-suit looks more like a TDK Bat-suit" etc. Of course one can't escape hearing such comparisons when the Paul Verhoeven's original film had reached cult status among fans. Anyway, back to the film, to sum it up, my wife and I totally loved it! My son, the Robocop enthusiast, on the other hand, was a little bit under the weather and could only watch the movie sporadically as he caught quick naps during non-fight scenes...which means that a future blu-ray purchase of the movie inevitable!

There might be wee bit of SPOILERS so you might wanna exit now if you haven't seen the movie yet....

Ok, so what did I like about the new Robo movie you might ask? Here are a few:

1) Loved it when there were references to Verhoeven's original movie i.e. cheeky one-liner muttered by Jackie Earle Haley's character Mattox to Dr Norton..."I won't buy that for a dollar!....and when the 'Combat Mode' was shown by OmniCorp's head of marketing to Raymond Sellers, we got to see the original Peter Weller Robo-suit on screen. How cool were those?

2) This movie boasts an impressive list of Hollywood names such as Samuel L Jackson, Michael Keaton, Jackie Earle Haley,  Jay Baruchel, Gary Oldman and many more.

3) Great to see Robo goin' back to the familiar 'silver' suit at the end of the movie....and ED-209, MULTIPLES of them! Nuff said.

4) Great performance by Sam Jackson as Pat Novak, the host of The Novak Element. If I had known better, that character was actually a parody of Sam Jackson himself. This theory is reinforced at the very end of the movie when Pat Novak went into a fit of rage and began uttering....yup, you've guessed it.....profanities (albeit 'beeped' out)...Samuel L Jackson style!

5) The theme song is still the SAME! Nuff said (humming it right now!!!! LOL).

6) Weirdly, it was breathtaking to see that all that's left of Alex J Murphy after the car blast was his head/brain, lungs & heart and of course that right hand.

7) I didn't get irritated with Robocop's right human hand at all. In fact, it adds a touch of 'humanity' to the character.

8) One thing that the new Robo was better than the original '87 Robocop was that this new version moves around so fluidly fast!

9) It's heart-warming to see that Murphy wasn't separated from his family unlike the original Peter Weller movies (he had to wait until Robocop 2 to finally be re-united with his wife). Murph got to see his wife and son not long after his 'transformation' and at the end of the movie it was clearly implied that they got to see him whenever they want to. Great stuff.

10) Great performance by Michael Keaton as Raymond Sellars, head of the 'evil' OmniCorp. I think he even showed us a bit of 'Beetlejuice' in one of the scenes in the movie.

The movie deserves to be on my blu-ray movie shelf! This is a definite must watch...ignore about what 'professional' critics might say or rate this movie!

The Rebel

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