Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Some early Jan '14 haul...

haul early Jan '14

Whoa. Can't believe that it's been weeks since my last January posting. I guess it's that time of the year when everyone's starting off things at the office, re-organizing their lives and stuff like that.  A lot of things had happened since my last post here at my blog but thankfully part of those 'things' was me being busy getting some plastic acquisition into my ever-growing toy vault. Let's take a look:

1) I finally got myself the Transformers Universe' Inferno on the cheap. This one has been on my priority list since I missed it all those years ago. It was loose but hey....I wasn't ready to pay sky-high prices for MISB Hasbro/Henkei Inferno so go figure!

2) Marvel Legends Rocket Racoon wave. Ok, technically the wave also contained Scarlett Spider and Hawkeye but I have no affinity whatsoever with that version of Spidey and I already have Hawkeye. Don't even get me started about the impossible-to-find variants aka Bulldozer, Phoenix and Classic Hawkeye 'cause they are mere myths I tell you! I found these 3 sittin' pretty at a retail store near me during one of my toy run earlier in the month. I kinda want that BAF Rocket Racoon so it was a no brainer purchase for me.

3) 6" Robocop 1.0 and 3.0. I was surprised to see these on Malaysian shores really. How in the world did my local TRUs and retail outlets missed out on Bridge Direct's The Hobbit figures but did manage to sneak in Jada Toys' Robocop figures? Yes, I'm still sore about the non-existence of The Hobbits' action figures in my neck of the woods. Still, I'm thankful I got the chance to snag both versions of Robo before the movie goes onto the big screen later this month in Malaysia.

4) Robocop helmet. What can I say? My son has been pestering me to get him the helmet since we first saw the preview pictures over the internet some months ago. He's a huge fan of the classic Peter Weller flick (like his old dad of course!) so naturally he's all excited to watch the re-boot/re-imagined film. But not before getting himself the helmet! For the record, I really wanted one back in the 80s but it never arrived at retail back then in Malaysia (did it ever existed?) so I'm glad my son got his wish. 

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