Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Some LEGO photoshoot fun!

Thawing Captain America

"He's not ready for this modern world!"

Had a blast playing around in a series of photoshoot with my son the other day. He had graciously lent me his LEGO minifigs collection and even contributed some ideas for each of the scenes you're about to see in today's posting. The picture above was among his earliest brainchild.....("What about Captain America in ice, daddy?"). Not bad for a pre-schooler! Scroll down and enjoy the rest of the pictures....

Batman & Robin

"Holy 1966 Batman!!!"


"Faster than a speeding bullet..."

Tony's dilemma: Mark VI or VII?

Tony's dilemma: Mark VI vs Mark VII....

Avengers Assemble!


Deadpool vs Wolverine

Wolverine vs The 'Pool...

Thor vs Loki

"What have I to fear, brother?"

Superman & Clark Kent - Superman III?

This last picture is a homage to my son's profound love of the scene in Richard Lester's Superman III where Supes split into two personas i.e. 'evil' Superman and Clark Kent.

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The Combollector said...

I would definitely grab these Marvel/DC Legos over the Mini-Mates.