NECA's upcoming Planet of The Apes action figures!

NECA Gorilla Soldier.jpg-largeNECA Cornelius.jpg-largeNECA Dr Zaius.jpg-large

This is probably old news to some but I've only recently got to know this important piece of news. I'm such a sucka for the original Roddy McDowall 'Apes movies so technically I went ape-sh** (pardon the pun) when I knew NECA was gonna make the 6" action figures from the original movies.

Oh yea, they've also previewed the Caesar figure from the upcoming 'Dawn movie. But it's really the 'classics' that got everyone jumping off their seats in excitement.

I hope NECA comes around to make Taylor and Zira too.

They're all due to come out sometime during summer this year. Bring them on!

NECA Caesar

The Rebel

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