The LEGO Movie...some brief thoughts.....


Ok, before I start my brief review on this movie, let me just remind some of you that this IS a movie based on a toy-line after all. A comedy to be exact. I've heard people saying that this movie isn't worth watching and it's just one big mess of a lame attempt by them LEGO folks to be funny etc. My wife and I are both hardcore fans of the LEGO PS3 series of games and I can tell you we were ecstatic to know that a LEGO movie (aptly titled 'The LEGO Movie'!) was in the works. Anyhow, if you haven't played any of the games prior to watching the movie, you should more or less expect a wacky and crazy based on that notion alone, just sit back and enjoy the movie folks!

Oh comes that customary warning about any (brief)*SPOILERS*....abort this post now if you haven’t watched the movie yet.

This movie is silly fun! Let me just get that straight. I love the plot on how the little ‘human’ boy referenced his father (the ever funny-man Will Ferrell) as the titular bad guy Lord/President Business. One can even relate to the paranoid geek-father who wants to keep every single one of his LEGO sets the way there are with no variations or deviations from the instructions whatsoever. Of course viewers would only get to know all of these towards the end of the movie. But right from the start, there was always the mundane, routine, humdrum and repetitious monotone played out and experienced by Emmet, our hero of the story. Seriously, I think most of us can relate to that.

There was no limit to the humour since this is an animation flick so with that you can expect endless wacky slapstick fun from the moment you’re introduced to Emmet. I love the message conveyed by the movie writers that even a ‘regular joe’ can change the world if you believe in yourself (a 'motivational' cat poster will greatly help too!). I particularly love the very-brief appearance of a Star Wars vehicle and its crew members! I just wished they had more screen-time. It’s a bit disappointing that no Marvel characters made their appearances in the movie despite them appearing in promo trailers.

The mostly all-star voice cast was great. One can almost immediately recognise the unmistakably familiar voices of Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Will Arnett and many more. These star attractions alone should have been a big enough factor for anyone to be curious about the movie. This movie is absolutely fun (have I mentioned this enough already? LOL) and if you’re looking to have a laugh and to blow off some steam then I suggest you to watch this now....and take your kids along, they’ll love it!

There, didn’t I mention that this was gonna be a brief one! 

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