Farewell dear ol' geek buddy friend....

This month was supposed to mark my return to the blogging sphere. A joyous and momentous occasion to say the least or so I thought. I was really looking forward to review some of the stuff I've bought in recent times but today, it is with great sadness that I announce the passing of a fellow geek collector, Rebel Crew member and a great friend of mine, Sofri or Uncle Sob as he's fondly known among his close acquaintances. We will miss you ol' buddy. You were always a great friend first before anything else. My family and I would like to thank you for sticking by us during the thick and thin. You were always there when we needed a helping hand. Even when you were wrongly accused of things, you'd still carve out a smile and said..."Ah biarlah (Just let it be)...". Take care geek buddy/uptown buddy/dear pal...we will all have our big reunion one day on the other side. It was an honour to be your friend dear Uncle Sob.

As a final tribute to you by the Rebel Page crew members, here's that old video you did for iProperty some time back....stay cheerful and geeky always up there buddy!

The Rebel

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