Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, May 26, 2014

Godzilla '14 is truly a class act!

Well, I finally caught the movie today with my wife and son. Funny that we watched the new X-Men movie on the first day itself but we somehow waited this long to catch ol' Zilla. For the record, I still don't get how many reviewers dissed the new 'G14' movie as being lame or not being up to standard etc. They may have some issues with the actors but I think overall the movie kicked a**! It was definitely miles better than Roland Emmerich's unfortunate 1998 release and it was a great throwback to the original '54 Japanese movie of the same name. Call it whatever name you wish....gojira, godzira, godzilla (it was a permutation of the words 'gorilla' and 'whale' in Japanese anyway!), the iconic reptilian monster is captured brilliantly in this 2014 offering and it would be ridiculous not to watch this in the cinemas!

I loved it how the humans are seen to be 'assisting' Godzilla to track down the MUTOs and how the fight scenes were coordinated. At times, I swear I somehow had expected Ultraman to pop out and assist the monster king in his fights against them MUTOs. When I thought Pacific Rim was an 'ok' monster movie, G14 really blew it out of the park! I am so looking forward to the blu-ray!

Over on the geeky action figure scene, Bandai had produced some cool Godzilla toys in several scales in conjunction with the new movie. I've seen some 'chibi' scale figures and the 3.75"-esque Godzilla & MUTO figures that came with the collapsible 'city' as accessories. They also made a couple of 7" figures (the Smash Strike and the Tail Strike) and also the huge one with the blue-ish atomic breath effects. My son loved the movie so much that he made me buy the Smash Strike 'Zilla for him right after the movie! I figured, with some discount vouchers thrown in...what the hey!

Instant Gojira fan... #moviebuff #ilhanology

NECA had also given us the 6" (measures 12" from head to tail) Godzilla figure which should be selling everywhere at the point of writing this. But I'm really looking forward to the 12" version (which actually measures 24" from head to tail!). So far we've only seen the proto figure (pictured below as per taken from Toyark) from various toyfairs but it looks substantially better than the 6" version. I've never owned a Godzilla toy before and this might be the one I'd finally be getting for my pop-culture shelf. I better clear out some space for this behemoth!

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desmond said...

Looks good for Neca's 12 inch tall version..

The Rebel said...

Let's hope the final version will b great too Des! Fingers crossed....😂