Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Simpsons LEGO minifigures!

The Simpsons Lego minifigures... #geekshavethemostfun #newpoison

Lemme tell you this, these Simpsons LEGO minifigure collection is one of my most anticipated toy of recent times. I knew I just had to get my paws on the complete set of minifigures when they hit my neck of the woods. Come on man, we're talking about The Simpsons here! Stumbled across these at a well-known toy retail store while making my toy rounds with my wife and son the other day. Boy we had fun squeezing every and each of the blind bag packaging trying to guess which characters they hold inside (ok so we had some help from the store assistant too...so that saved a lot of time for us). 

Took us a bit of a time to get Maggie. Word is that only two (2) of her are available per case of 60 blind bags. God bless the store assistant who was ever so helpful in cracking out another fresh case for us to rummage through to find the youngest member of the Simpsons family. I must say, I agree with a buddy of mine when he said that it was tough to tell Millhouse and Ralph apart since they both had the same shape of accessory and both had similar head sculpts....well, almost.

All together now....'da-da da da-da da-da da da-da-da da...' #geekshavethemostfun #actionfigurephotography #thesimpsons #lego

I can't express myself enough when I say that I absolutely LOVE these minifigures! I love The Simpsons and I didn't get the chance to collect the Playmates Toys action figures so I guess these Lego minifigs are the next best alternative to it! The head sculpts on these Lego minifigs are excellent, mostly staying true to how the characters looked on-screen. You get most of the core characters in this collection i.e. the whole 'core' Simpsons family line-up inclusive of Abe and a slew of other familiar characters off the series eg. Mr Burns, Apu, Krusty the Clown and the lot. I sincerely hope that there's gonna be a 'Series/Wave 2' for this. We still need many more core characters like Moe (can't believe we didn't get him in the 1st wave!), Barney, Smithers, Selma & Patty, Skinner, Lenny & Carl, Comic Book Guy and many others.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and find these little gem of minifigures right away coz they're gonna be hard to track down once them scalpers beat you to it.

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